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Orthodontics Specialist

Stone Ridge Orthodontics

Anishka Frankenberry, DDS

Orthodontist located in Stone Ridge, VA

Dr. Anishka Frankenberry specializes in orthodontics and offers a wide range of treatments to help patients achieve their perfect smile. At her practice in Stone Ridge, Virginia, Dr. Frankenberry serves patients across the northern Virginia region. Stone Ridge Orthodontics is easily accessible to freeways, and is about 30 miles west of Washington, DC.

Orthodontics Q & A

Is orthodontics more than metal braces?

Dr. Frankenberry uses a number of different appliances to correct her patients’ teeth. Orthodontics can include both fixed appliances, such as metal braces and retainers, or removable appliances, such as retainers, headgear, and appliances that correct your jaw position.

The word “orthodontics” comes from the Greek words for “straight” and “tooth.” Orthodontics requires special training in the science of teeth irregularities. Dr. Frankenberry can effectively straighten your teeth using a variety of techniques, so you can be confident about your smile.

How can orthodontics help adults?

Orthodontics aren’t just for children with developing teeth. The position of your teeth as an adult can affect your smile, too, as well as the way you speak and eat. Dr. Frankenberry has patients in all age groups, and her caring manner isn’t just reserved for kids. She was an orthodontics patient herself, so she knows what it’s like to go through treatments designed to straighten teeth. Make an appointment with Dr. Frankenberry, and she’ll use her expertise to give you straighter teeth and a beautiful smile.

Will thumb sucking ruin a child’s teeth?

Thumb sucking can lead to “buck teeth.” This means the upper front teeth are too far forward. You can bring your child to Dr. Frankenberry’s office for a complete assessment of his teeth and his bite. She’ll recommend the proper age to begin treatment to repair damage caused by sucking his thumb.

How is Dr. Frankenberry different from other dentists?

She specializes in orthodontics, which requires training in recognizing problems with teeth and how to correct them. Dr. Frankenberry was an orthodontics patient herself, so she understands what you’re going through during your treatment. Dr. Frankenberry makes coming to her office convenient and pleasant. Her staff is trained to assist her with orthodontic procedures and logistics such as scheduling and billing your insurance company.

Stone Ridge Orthodontics has a flexible schedule, including Saturday hours for patient convenience. Her office has special perks: free Wi-Fi, iPads for your use, and a patient rewards program. Call or schedule an appointment online today for a free consultation.