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Braces Specialist

Stone Ridge Orthodontics

Anishka Frankenberry, DDS

Orthodontist located in Stone Ridge, VA

Imagine having beautiful, straight teeth when you smile. If you’re self-conscious when it comes to talking or laughing with others because your teeth don’t look the way you want, talk with Dr. Anishka Frankenberry at Stone Ridge Orthodontics. She’ll explain the types of braces that can straighten your teeth to help you feel confident about your smile. Dr. Frankenberry’s office is in Stone Ridge, Virginia, and also serves patients in surrounding areas like Sterling, Herndon, and Reston, Virginia.

Braces Q & A

What are alternatives to metal braces?

Dr. Frankenberry offers a full range of options for improving your smile, including clear aligners, clear braces, lingual braces, and self-ligating braces with ceramic or clear brackets. Based on your personal choice and orthodontic needs, she’ll recommend the type of braces that fit your lifestyle.

What’s the difference between clear aligners and clear braces?

Clear aligners are made of a custom-fitted acrylic that shifts your teeth just like braces. They’re easy to wear because you can take them out when you eat or drink, and of course, when you brush and floss your teeth. With clear aligners, you don’t have to avoid crunchy and gooey foods just because you’re in an orthodontic treatment plan.

Clear braces are like traditional braces in that the brackets are glued to the teeth and aren’t removable. But the brackets are made from a clear, ceramic material, so they’re less obvious and a good option for patients with cosmetic concerns. Clear braces are very effective and are typically used for upper front teeth instead of lower teeth.

If you’re concerned about the look of braces, talk to Dr. Frankenberry about getting clear aligners or clear braces.

What are lingual braces and how do they work?

No one can see that you’re wearing lingual braces, because they’re affixed to the back of your teeth. They’re metal and customized to your teeth, but undetectable unless you open your mouth wide so that others can see the backs of your teeth. When you smile, no one will know you’re wearing braces. Lingual braces are perfect for musicians who play wind instruments and adult professionals who don’t want their orthodontics to be obvious. They work the same way as traditional metal braces, just from the back instead of the front. Dr. Frankenberry provides Incognito brand braces, a type of lingual braces, because of their comfort, invisible aesthetic and convenience.

What’s the difference between self-ligating braces and traditional metal braces?

Self-ligating braces don’t use elastics, so your teeth aren’t exposed to the friction caused by the elastics. Instead of elastics, self-ligating braces use a customized clip that’s affixed to the braces, and this means fewer trips to the office for adjustments. The braces can be made from traditional metal, or Dr. Frankenberry can make the brackets with acrylic or ceramic materials.

Traditional metal braces, on the other hand, use elastics, and you’ll visit Dr. Frankenberry for regularly scheduled adjustments. If you’re into color, you can choose really cool elastics in different colors to accessorize your smile while you’re straightening your teeth.